Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. mult. Markus W. Büchler - Heidelberg - Visceral Surgery


University Hospital Heidelberg – Surgical Clinic, Department of General, Visceral and Transplantation Surgery

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. mult. Markus W. Büchler

Im Neuenheimer Feld 110
69120 Heidelberg

Medical Director

Prof. - Markus W. Büchler - Visceral Surgery - Heidelberg


Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. mult. Markus W. Büchler
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Special Clinical Focus

  • Pancreatic surgery
  • Hepatobiliary surgery
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Complex, multivisceral cancer operations
  • Visceral organ transplantations
  • Endocrine surgery

About us

Prof. - Markus W. Büchler - University Hospital Heidelberg – Surgical Clinic - interior view

As a maximum care clinic, the University Hospital of Heidelberg seeks to achieve the pinnacle of medical and scientific progress in combining research, teaching and patient care.

The Surgical University Hospital of Heidelberg has one of the longest traditions of surgery in Germany. The present Department of General, Visceral and Transplantation Surgery has been supported and promoted by the federal state of Baden-Württemberg as a center of excellence.
In addition to standard surgical treatment, pancreatic surgery (approx. 600 pancreas operations a year), colorectal surgery (approx. 700 operations on the intestines a year), liver surgery (approx. 250 liver operations a year), complex multivisceral cancer operations and visceral organ transplantations (approx. 100 liver and 160 kidney transplants a year) make up the particular clinical focus of the hospital. The clinic has been specially designated for welcoming international patients and contains an "International Office" and its own treatment ward for VIPs.

From the clinic arose the European Pancreas Center, with its own molecular biological research institute, as well as the Center for Clinical Studies (KSC), both specially designed for medical research.
The surgical clinic and its patients benefit from its proximity to and close co-operation with the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT), the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, and many more renowned research institutes at home and abroad.

We make every effort to develop and then implement the highest possible standards of treatment, and to provide excellent training for our nursing staff, doctors and students. A research and training foundation was specially established for this purpose. The clinic also regularly organizes high quality and practice-orientated training courses on pancreas, liver and rectal surgery, specially aimed at senior consultants and chief physicians from other hospitals.
Lastly, with our additional sites at Salem Hospital (Heidelberg) and Sinsheim Hospital, we are able to offer comprehensive and flexible general surgical care and training.

Diagnostic Services

  • Biopsies (e.g. CT-guided)
  • Intraoperative ultrasound
  • Computer tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Positron emission tomography (PET)
  • PET-CT
  • Angiography and angiographical embolization
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy

Therapeutic Services

  • Visceral surgical operations
  • Visceral organ transplants (liver, kidneys, pancreas)
  • Outpatient operations
  • Minimal-invasive (laparoscopic) surgery
  • NOTES and SILS operations
  • Intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT)
  • Intraoperative chemotherapy
  • Interdisciplinary intensive care unit
  • Fast-track surgery
  • Interventional radiology (TACE, RFA)

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Single and twin rooms (some with scenic view on the Neckar)
  • Newly equipped, modern private ward with its own private team of doctors
  • Ward for treating VIPs
  • Central management of patient care